Willow Concept

Willow Pump is an innovative company reimagining the breast pumping experience with a hands-free, discrete pump. Their mobile application allows the user to easily see how much milk is being pumped.

As a user of the Willow Pump and a UX Designer by profession, I found myself with a natural inclination to identify areas for improvement based on daily usage of the device in conjunction with the app. The design work below shows the redesign based on these inclinations.


  • Willow Pump User
  • UX Redesign


  • Analysis of Existing User Journey and Design
  • Redesign and Iterations Based on User Testing

Highlight: Redesign of the Willow App

Design Variations: Current Session

The Current Session view shows a mother who is actively pumping key information about the current session.

Design Variations: Last Session with Photo

The Last Session view is shown upon entering the app prior to an acive pumping session. A user is also able to upload a background image for all states to customize the experience.

Breaking It Down: Redesign Details

Putting It All Together: The User Journey

  • Loading Screen

    The loading screen, which flashes when a user opens the app, re-enforces the branding and also has a soothing color for the user.

  • Last Session

    The screen with last session details emphasizes how long ago the last pumping session was, which is relevant for mothers who want to get a sense of when to pump. The total pumped and amounts per side are shown as well. The visual styling is different from an active pumping session so the the user knows immediately if they are looking at the current or last session.

  • Last Session with Pump Device On

    When the user turns on the pump, the section with device details will slide up and show the battery life along with the number of hours and minutes left. This allows the mother to make a decision on when she may need to charge the pump.

  • Session Starting Screen

    When the pump is started and the app senses the first side connecting, the circle will have a brief pulsing animation with the logo. This indicates a clear shift from last session to active session.

  • Active Pumping Session

    The circle shows the total pumped, with clear indication of which side is active through visual distinction. The circle border will become thicker to indicate how full the pump bag is to indicate progress.

  • Example with Photo

    An example of a photo added shows a clear view of the baby to help the mother view their loved one and encourage their milk let down.