StreamLoan provides the easiest way to purchase or refinance your home. They offer a digital experience and mobile solution, removing the friction in the lending process. Streamloan's collaboration & chat platform, auto-document aggregation, and sharing & policy management allow for an efficient and simple experience for all professionals involved in supporting a loan or mortgage.


Design & Development Consultant


I was brought on as a consultant to implement a marketing website for Streamloan with a maintainable content management system. This required implementation and customization of a Wordpress website with existing and new content, integration of an existing Wordpress blog, and creation of campaign landing pages with Mailchimp integration.


  • Implementation and customization of a new website, using Wordpress
  • Implementation of campaign landing pages
  • Integration of previous Wordpress blog
  • Integration of Mailchimp forms and dedicated lists per campaign

The Website


The responsive website lands with a highlight of the product and a main call to action to request a demo.

Highlight of Product Benefits

Sections are used to highlight key benefits of using StreamLoan.

Demo Request Form

The demo form links to Mailchimp and allows the Streamloan marketing team to manage their campaigns easily.

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