Evena Medical

Evena Medical is the industry’s first fully-integrated technology delivering vascular imaging and documentation of vein access and patency with real-time EMR interfacing.


UX/UI Designer


  • Redesign of the NIR (Near-Infrared) and Ultrasound mode
  • Redesign of the Splash and Landing Page

Highlight: Redesign of the Screens

Understanding the Product

To start with the redesign, it was imperitive for me to understand the requirements and context in which the device was used. As a device used in the hospital and for a specific function to aid with IVs, I had to understand how the user would be using the device and had to ensure that the interactions were simple.

I started by pouring through the requirement documents, clarifying usage with the team, gathering as much understanding and feedback from the direct users. I also had the opportunity to try the device and envision the process. Next, I did an analysis of the existing design and proposed three explorations including versions such as simplified, simplified with buttons, and the minimalist. Limitations included usage of only icons since the device would be used in various countries with different languages.

With incorporation of feedback from the product owner, I was able to work with the engineer to get the full designs implemented.

Analysis of the Previous UI Design


Explorations were created with three styles:

1. Simplified

2. Simplified with Buttons

3. Minimalist

The Product

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