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Advanced Dentistry of Auburn offers patients the very best dental experience possible. The office prides itself in full-spectrum, quality and compassionate care. From a warm and welcoming staff, to a dentist that really cares, to investing in the newest dental technologies, ADA is committed to serving your dental needs.


Design & Development Consultant


  • Website Implementation
  • Google Analytics and Tracking
  • Advertising Collateral - Banner

Highlight: Website Design and Implementation

Brand Identity and Experience

To start with, I had pointed Dr. Kania to a brand identity designer who was able to work with him to create a logo. He was simultaneously working with an interior designer to create the environmental design that the user would experience upon entering the office. I wanted the user's web experience to be consistent with the actual dentist office visit, thus, considered both the logo and colors used by the interior designer. I created a color palette that was consistent with both so that the user experience with the brand would be consistent with every media.


Interior Design

Color Palette

Content and Designs

I worked with Dr. Kania to identify the key content that would need to be included in his website, such as About information, Insurance accepted, Location, etc. I also considered on the information users visting a dental website would need - such as location and phone number details, and ensured that it was readily available on all pages. Along with this, I wanted to create a visual experience to entice the user to a dentist that not only provides a superior dental experience based on service and knowledge, but also an enjoyable one.

Based on the feedback and selections from Dr. Kania, I was able to create and implement the website, including responsive design for consideration for various device types.

Implementation with Wordpress

One key requirement was to be able to hand off website management to Dr. Kania. I decided to use Wordpress as the content management system to allow for this. Development was completed after design finalization. During this time, the office was being completed and Dr. Kania was able to get photos based on the guidelines provided from the explorations. The result was a comprehensive and visually enticing web presence for Dr. Kania's patients to encounter.

Views of the Website


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